Serdar ÖZBAY

Serdar Özbay
Project and Design Director - Member of the Board of Directors - Executive Board Member 

In 1980, He was born in Ereğli, Kdz. He completed his primary and secondary education in Eregli. He completed his undergraduate education in 2003 and his master programme in 2007 in Electrical Engineering at Yıldız Technical University.

After graduation, he has 15 years of electrical engineering experience in the maritime industry, 1 year in the Turkish Naval Forces, 1 year in a sector company and 13 years in Elkon Elektrik San. Tic. A.Ş. He worked as Project Engineer, Project Manager and Design & Project Director in Elkon. At the beginning of 2016, he played an initiating role in the process of acquisition of Elkon Elektrik by Tekart A.Ş. and VERA Deniz A.Ş. from Dutch partners and actively participated in the working process.
At present, he is a member of Board of Directors at Tekart A.Ş., Concept Design & Project Director, Member of the Executive Board and Board of Directors at Elkon Elektrik A.Ş.
•   Project Engineer of The first Norwegian fishing vessels M / S FRØYANES Longline, equipped in Turkey
•   Project Engineer of The world's first LNG fueled commercial vessel M / S HØYDAL Fish Feed Carrier
•   Project Engineer of The first Freezer Trawler fishing vessels M / S HAVBRYN, equipped in Turkey
•   Project Engineer of The world's first LNG fueled Tugboat M / T BORGØY
•   Project Manager of First Live Fish Carrier HANS A BAKKA, equipped in Turkey
•   Project Manager of First Subsea Construction vessel OCEANIC Offshore, equipped in Turkey
•   Project Manager of First Hybrid Battery Ferry Seaspan RELIANT equipped in Turkey
•   Project Manager of First Fully equipped with electric battery-powered ferry GLOPPEFJORD equipped in Turkey