Health And Safety Policy

Safety First principle is prevention of accidents and occupational diseases - unusual injury and health deterioration, continuous improvement, and management of all our operational processes.
  • • Using the latest and reliable personal and process comprehensive occupational safety equipment, tools, methods and technologies,
  • • Identify hazards and risks; take the necessary precaution of a complete and timely manner; Reducing to legal requirements or tolerable levels by managing with pioneering objectives reviewed,
  • • Preparations for emergency and natural disasters,
  • • Planned Trainings for all employees and suppliers have access to practical theoretical and practical information and ensure correct use
  •          The current legal requirements, our customers or the professional organizations that we are a member of, follow up the current conditions and changes,
We will carry out the ile Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities in our organization with the systems we have established and documented in accordance with international management standards and cultures; we will maintain our performance with the continuous development of all our employees