R&D Center

Elkon Marine and Electric Technologies R&D Center was awarded R&D center status by Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in April 2017. 

Elkon Marine and Electrical Technologies R&D Center employs more than 30 Researchers and Technicians specialized in Marine Electrics and related areas.

R&D activities of elkon are mainly based on electrification of the vessels with battery hybrid systems and automation of the vessels.  As electrical systems on-board of a vessel are transforming from AC grids to DC grids, due to efficiency and space saving, elkon’s R&D activities are agglomerated at DC systems and power electronics. Integrated DC Bus and Multiple Drive Development for Battery Hybrid Vessel Project is realized and commercially available.

Elkon is aiming to become a European pioneer company which develops and produces propulsion systems for electric powered and battery powered vessels, due to emission reduction aims and regulations. 

-    Optimization using data collected by automation systems, 
-    Big data analytics, and 
-    Artificial intelligence learning algorithms are some of R&D areas that elkon focuses in short term. 

Elkon also is also working on unmanned and autonomous vessel solutions, hydrogen as a ship propulsion source and nuclear technology which are considered as future development areas of the shipbuilding industry. 

Elkon R&D center activities also include EU funded project development by international and university collaborations. 
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