Chairman’s Message

Dear business partners and employees;
Today, Elkon Electric is an important organization that creates value for the country which integrates electrical systems with all kinds of ships and grows by closely following the innovative ideas, experienced engineering staff and the world shipbuilding sector.
Vera Capital, who always believes in the country's economy and aims to invest it in this country again, will be able to achieve much more important successes with elkon electricity.
Elkon is one of the most successful examples of a rare capital model in the Turkish economy. Experienced engineers in their fields, each of which has given tens of years to elkon has become a partner by putting capital in elkon. elkon aims to be the best since the day it was founded and follow the developments in the field of technology and engineering and make them commercially available with the R & D center, and we will continue to deliver prominent works all over the world.
Elkon, where the concept of trust, innovation and service is fully implemented, continues to work with its sensitive approach to human values, green energy and environment.
We are moving towards our ultimate goal to become an international brand with our work in harmony with our stakeholders and business partners in the maritime sector in which we operate and with the know-how obtained from hundreds of projects.
 I am confident that Elkon's commitment to working principles and human resources working in harmony as a large family will reach all its goals.
 I would like to thank all our employees, stakeholders, business partners and customers for their contributions to the successful results we put forward.

Mehmet Buldurgan

Chairman's Message