Our strategic goals with internal and external content in institutions;

Disposal of the use of our products, resources and energy usage, determination of how the source, the purpose of the continuous reduction of resource effects.

We will take all necessary measures to prevent accidents that cause environmental damage.

Document our management system in accordance with ISO 14001, which is required for our environmental policy to be efficient.

We have observed the environmental and technical needs of the objectives for the review of the objectives of the objectives we have implemented regularly, we will ensure the prevention of pollution. We will work in cooperation with the relevant public institutions and authorities.

Adhering to environmental awareness is a component of all employees' work. It is a continuous duty of management to educate and disseminate the awareness of responsibility for the employees who comply with every step of the environmental protection.

We will also guide our carton to work in harmony with our compatible guidance, which is possible.

The Environmental Report, along with our environmental efforts and your achievements in this field, will be duly published on the relevant bodies. In addition, information is available for the environment-friendly use of our products.