Company Profile

Elkon’s design, construction and protection tasks are performed in collaboration with the costumers so that the specifications and standards agreed upon lead to an optimum product both electrically and mechanically. It is elkon’s goal that all products reflect the latest technology and at the same time contain components of the highest quality.

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Our strategic goals with internal and external content in institutions
Disposal of the use of our products, resources and energy usage, determination of how the source, the purpose of the continuous reduction of resource effects.
We will take all necessary measures to prevent accidents that cause environmental damage and
Document our management system in accordance with ISO 14001, which is required for our environmental policy to be efficient; maintain

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R&D Center

elkon is aiming to become a European pioneer company which develops and produces propulsion systems for electric powered and battery powered vessels, due to emission reduction aims and regulations.

- Optimization using data collected by automation systems
- Big data analytics
- Artificial intelligence learning algorithms are some of the R&D areas that elkon focuses in short term.

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