Quality Management System

elkon is being inspected by RINA, an independent international auditor and meets the requirements of ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System since 2000

We will continuously follow and run our quality management system based on global standarts with “Product and Production Responsibility” principle to keep our leading role at all activities from engineering&design to installation&commisioning stage to meet the demands of the maritime industry.
“Quality First” is our fundemental policy to prevent errors from the beginning, ensure continuous improvement and follow aim based processes.
We will pay attention to ensure “Customer Satisfaction” throughout the projects, will help the customer on new projects with the latest technology and reasonable prices as a solution partner. 
With "Planned Trainings" we will assure that all our employees have the most up to date theoritical and practical knowledge and know how to use it.
We will completely follow the law and modern needs on"Environment Protection and Workplace Safety&Health”
With all our employees and sub contractors, we we will improve our infrastructure and working environment continuously and follow “Efficiency and Saving” principle to prevent time, money and resource loss in order to create “Effective Business Solutions”. 
1. From the production to dispose of our product, we aimed to reduce the environmental effects continuously by the company result of saving the energy and other sources
2. We obtain to reduce the effect of environmental disaster by related measurements to prevent wastes and losses.
3. We establish, develop and maintain regularly our documented ISO 14001 EMS- Environmental Management System for ensuring to realize our policy.
4. We provide the contamination by monitoring and applying the techniquesal and structural activities for the determining the targets of environmental aspects.
5. We work in collaboration with the legal organizations by being adequate on legal environmental based laws and regulations over our environmental aspects.
6. Working in environmental care consciousness is an important duty for all workers; so developing and extend this consciousness between all personnel in every stage is a continuous duty of the upper management.
7. As possible, we manage our suppliers to suit our activities by the help of our supports.
8. An Annual Environmental Report that contains the success of our environmental efforts will be published to the external organizations according to their interest. Furthermore we provide the required information to use our product in usage adequate with the environment.
“First Human & Safety” principle is the basic aim of our facilities for preventing the accidents, occupational disease, unusual injury& illness from the beginning and developing the processes continuously according to defined objectives under the obligatory regulations and customer expectations.
We obtain the responsibility of “Work Health & Safety” and its expected performance in our company according to demands of international management standards, laws and cultures by:
Using the newest and reliable equipment, methods and technologies for individual or process basis;
Determining and measured the possible hazards and risks before their formation; reduce them acceptable or durable levels according to legal obligations;
Preparing the personnel for the Emergency and Disaster situations by alarm exercises;
Obtaining “Planned Training” for all workers and suppliers and lead them to reach the actual theoretical knowledge & practical experience
Pursuing the actual changes of obligatory regulations and laws or provisions of customer or professional associations…


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