IMTECH Marine sold to POM Holding + PARCOM

Following the publications of Royal lmtech of the past days, we would like to give you an update.
We are very happy to inform you that Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital have reached an agreement to take over Imtech Marine as a whole. The details of the takeover are currently being worked out. Please find attached a press release of Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital on this issue. It concerns the takeover of Imtech Marine as a whole, including subsidiaries.  
Please be assured that we continue our business as usual and any work or projects for our customers will progress at the highest level of quality and planning. With this new ownership we can now reconfirm that we are still committed to fulfil our contractual commitments to customers and suppliers.
René ten Brinke, Director Global Services of Imtech Marine says: We are extremely happy with Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital as the new owners of Imtech Marine. Both are highly professional companies, with extensive experience in the maritime industry; it couldn’t have been a better scenario for us given the circumstances. They are aiming for a long term situation and a sustainable and healthy business of Imtech Marine. It will give our employees, but also our customers, suppliers and partners confidence in the future and the security that they need. This new ownership aligns perfectly with the positive developments that have already been set in motion within Imtech Marine and will also further strengthen and accelerate growth of our business. Not only does lmtech Marine have a rich and renowned heritage, we also have a positive and healthy outlook, thanks to the new ownership with Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital. 
Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital
Pon Holdings is one of the largest family owned businesses in The Netherlands. Pon Holdings, with more than 13.000 employees in 32 countries, is a renowned company in the maritime and offshore sector and realized a revenue of €6 billion in 2014. Parcom Capital is a leading mid-market private equity firm active in the Benelux. It was founded in 1982 as one of the first buy-out and expansion capital funds in the Dutch market. Parcom Capital has been active and involved in the maritime industry for many years. 
Of course, we will keep you informed closely about the progress. We would like to thank you again for your commitment and loyalty and we continue to serve you in the best way possible.
ln case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach your contact person within lmtech Marine.
Yours faithfully,
René ten Brinke           Edwin van Ierland
Director Global Services          Director Global New Build

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