Elkon and Yara International ASA Firm work together C02 Conversion in Yara Gerda Ship


Norwegian chemical company Yara International ASA has completed the modernization of its fleet of three tanker vessels dedicated to transporting carbon dioxide, with the arrival of Yara Gerda which starts service this month.

Yara Gerda is a new dedicated liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) marine tanker replacing an older tanker.Yara’s CO2 is used in the beverage business (carbonation), food business (chilling, freezing), air catering (cold chain assurance) and greenhouse businesses The company’s CO2 tanker fleet connects Yara production sites in Sluiskil (NL), Porsgrunn (NO), Fredericia (DK), Dormagen (DE) and Wilton (UK) to terminals in Hamburg (DE), Montoir (FR), Billingham (UK) and on the Thames (UK). The three ships, which are identical, carry the largest CO2 tanks in Europe. Each can carry up to 1800 tonnes, the equivalent of 90 full tanker truck loads.All three ships are fitted with Yara’s own SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) NOx reduction technology, which reduces the ships’ harmful NOx emissions by 80%.

ELKON has been one of the subcontractors of TUZLA shipyard in İstanbul, Turkey, who has succesfully realized the conversion of YARA GERDA at the satisfaction of YARA International.

The high quality workmanship provided by ELKON has contributed a great deal to the success of the conversion work. we are proud to be a part of this achievement in the guidance of TUZLA Shipyard.


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