ELKON in Azeri DADA GORGUD Project

Dada Gorgud is a submersible drilling rig which is working at Caspian sea in Azerbaijan and built in 1978.

Rig details are listed as below;

Dimensions: 216 ft. x 210 ft.

Normal Operating Draft: 45 ft.

Towing Draft: 19ft.

Maximum variable load: 5280 kip

Quarters capascity: 120 person

Operating water depth (as outfitted): 1557 ft.

Operating water depth (as desing): 1557 ft.


As we are 12 people of Elkon are working all of electrical connection applications on the board.

Our technical team are listed as below;

1. Toygar Şenol: Supervisor

2. Özcan Deli: Supervisor

3. Erman Çağlar: Supervisor


4. Serdar Şenel: Technician

5. Emrah Yarar: Technician

6. Cevad Balcı: Technician

7. Hasan Kaya: Technician

8. İsmail Gelir: Technician

9. Erhan Ufuk: Technician

10. İlhan Uluçay: Technician

11. Mehmet Yazıcı: Technician

12. Göksel Topkaya: Technician



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